Building Rules

Hidden Trails Estates

Summary of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

 No mobile homes, travel trailers, motor homes or temporary structures shall be used as permanent residences, but may be used during construction of the residence to be removed immediately after completion.  Limit of one residence per lot.  Modular or manufactured homes will be considered by the Architectural Committee as a permanent residence – must be a new unit and placed on permanent foundation.

Building is not required, but construction of residence must be completed within 1 year of commencement.   All unused building materials, construction trash, etc. must be cleaned up/removed from the lot within the one year construction period.   Separate garage may be constructed later with the same 1 year completion and   cleanup requirement.

Residence must contain a minimum of 1,400 square feet of living space.

Camping is allowed for 120 days out of each year.

Trash must be stored in bear proof containers.  Garbage collection is available from Lakeshore Disposal of McCall, or self disposal is available at the County collection site.

Only one woodstove or wood burning device allowed per lot.

Tree removal will be kept to a minimum and only to provide a clear zone around the residence to meet fire regulations and to prepare construction sites. Otherwise, the architectural committee must approve tree removal.

Exteriors of buildings must be of natural materials or be indistinguishable from natural materials.  Earth tone colors.  The architectural committee must approve all building plans.

All vehicles and recreational toys must be screened from view.  No parking allowed on county roads.

Snowmobiles, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles may be operated within the boundary of the subdivision only for ingress/egress to the owner’s property.

Horses are allowed up to 120 days each year.

Exterior lighting must comply with the Valley County lighting ordinance.

Lots in excess of 4 acres may be split once into equal area parcels with Health Department approval.

For details, see complete CC&R’s.

 Click here to download Complete CC&R Document